Social Media Manager Day In The Life

Our Social Media Managers (SMS) can focus on a personal brand or a corporate brand. Please see an example of “A Day In The Life” of both scenarios below. You and your SMM will collaborate and define a strategy tailored specifically to you.

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Example Represents 40 Hours A Month

Every 1 – 2 Days:
  • Create and schedule posts 
  • Source images and/ or videos to accompany posts 
  • Monitor and respond to post comments and messages from client’s followers. Alert client if there’s a comment that requires their input.
  • Plan and manage content calendar 
  • Coordinate with client and/or marketing team to ensure content aligns with company campaigns and brand messaging 
  • Stay abreast of changes, trends and regulations for each social media platform (Social Media Examiner is a great resource)
  • Research trending and most relevant hashtags  
  • Identify accounts to follow and engage
  • Assess and report performance results
  • Reevaluate strategy and adjust if necessary for optimal performance
  • Work with copywriter to plan articles and blog posts 
  • Create and manage ads and boosted posts
  • Coordinate photo-shoots around content needs 
  • Develop and manage giveaways and promotions
  • Attend monthly meeting to discuss content calendar
  • Communicate with client throughout the week via clients preferred channel (email, IM, etc…)


Example Represents 80 Hours A Month

  • Monitor post at their scheduled time to ensure they posted correctly, and address/ troubleshoot any technology glitches immediately
  • Monitor engagement on these posts, including responding to any comments when necessary in a timely manner
  • Monitor social channels for brand mentions and messages and respond when appropriate
  • Share interesting content that aligns with brand messaging or content that has mentioned the brand
  • Grow following by seeking out and interacting/ creating relationships with key users
  • Keep on top of current social media trends and implementing when appropriate
  • Gather resources for the content calendar from a variety of sources from web searches for industry news to interacting with clients to get their updates, to mining content straight from other social profiles to reshare on BELAY channels
  • Work with the graphic design team or design corresponding graphics to material that was sourced, and edit any photography to match the brand
  • Schedule posts and corresponding links and request final approval
  • Plan out upcoming weeks content calendar including any events to promote, holidays or other reminders
  • Analyze posts from the previous week to incorporate content that resonated
  • Analyze hashtag performance and adjust hashtag mix to drive engagement
  • Assess and report performance results
  • Reevaluate strategy and adjust if necessary for optimal performance
  • Work with copywriter to plan articles and blog posts
  • Develop quarterly and/or yearly strategy based on goals
  • Attend bi-weekly meeting with the internal marketing team to keep on top of events and important dates that are upcoming and names to watch out for
  • Schedule weekly 1:1 with team member who owns social media
  • Attend other meetings as needed
As Needed:
  • Update social media bios or logos when appropriate
  • Create/ Update brand templates, or work with the graphic design team to create templates