Social Media Strategist vs. Social Media Assistant

Social media strategists and managers and assistants. Oh, my!

So many terms, so little time.

Let’s break this down. They all involve ‘social media.’ So we can nail that down. We know what they work on. But who does what?

See, a strategist can pull double duty as an assistant and manager but the assistant and manager are likely not strategists.

Clear as mud, right? Stick with us here.

Fear not – we can do this! Below, we break down both strategists and assistants so you can decide which one is right for your business – and realize why you probably need one, like yesterday!

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Social Media Strategist

A Social Media Strategist is responsible for the overall strategy of your social media from a big picture perspective.


  • Identifying Your Audience On Social Media
  • Determining What Types Of Things You Should Post
  • Determining How Frequently To Post and On What Channels
  • Defining Your Sales Funnel and KPIs
  • Creating Marketing Emails/Campaigns For Your Products or Services
  • Developing Your Ads Strategy
  • Doing Keyword Research

BONUS: A BELAY Social Media Strategist will also be responsible for all of the tasks of a social media assistant, too!

Social media strategists may have a bachelor’s degree or even a graduate-level degree in communications though often, experience proves paramount.

Social Media Assistant

A Social Media Assistant or Manager is responsible for the execution of the strategist’s plan.


  • Posting Content Daily
  • Curating or Writing The Content To Share On Your Page
  • Creating Graphics
  • Finding Content To Share On Your Page
  • Repurposing Content You Previously Wrote
  • Keeping Up On Engagement, Such As Responding To All Comments and DMs

Similarly, social media assistants may have a bachelor’s degree though again, experience proves paramount.