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Introducing the Ultimate Remote Leader

Leading a remote team isn’t rocket science – though it does take some careful leadership adjustments and recalibrations to foster the kind of relationships you want and need to be successful.

  • Over 45 engaging training videos
  • 50 actionable resources to put each lesson into action
  • Prompts and questions to help you apply your new skillset
  • Our most proven tips and tricks on remote leadership
Successful Remote Leadership

For remote leadership to be successful, one crucial factor is non-negotiable:

No amount of technology or autonomy can replace the impact of having an effective, emotionally intelligent leader. That’s exactly why we created this master class.

And with 10 years of being a 100-percent remote company, we have the experience necessary to help guide you through our eLearning remote work courses tailored to help you on your new journey.

We believe that businesses don’t need four walls, a water cooler, ping pong tables, and a break room to be thriving, values-driven organizations with dynamic company cultures.

And we wanted to teach other remote leaders that they can achieve the same, too.

So we created the Remote Leadership Master Class for all leaders who want to lead a remote workforce to be just as effective as – if not more than – a brick-and-mortar organization.

Our shocking-but-true assertions about this course? Productivity does not have to wane. Culture does not have to suffer. Employee engagement does not have to dwindle. In fact, they can all thrive – and you can have fun, too!

Successful remote leadership is possible. And this course shows you how. Ready to dig in?

In this bundle, you will learn:

  • To maximize productivity by establishing and then maintaining ways to be productive – even when life’s most tempting distractions come calling.
  • To lead your team with trust with practice and with commitment that can be the difference between accelerated growth and stalling out.
  • To communicate clearly – explicitly and thoughtfully – your expectations and needs which will inevitably impact and affect every business outcome.
  • To drive a strong company culture with authenticity, support, and engagement in order to elevate your culture, regardless of zip or area code.
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Featured Courses

Remote Leadership: Productivity

To lead a productive remote team, all resources need to be utilized to optimum performance levels, which increases product output and results in lower overhead and a higher profit. This course explores focusing holistically on productivity – rather than solely on profits and revenues – for a more successful company.


Remote Leadership Communication

Communication – clear, explicit and thoughtful communication – is mission-critical when leading remotely. Because regardless of industry, job or even whether you work in a brick-and-mortar office or virtually, how we express our expectations and needs inevitably impacts and affects everyone and every outcome. This course will explore how to communicate well and effectively.



Remote Leadership: The Team

Building trust is the single most important goal you can have as a remote leader. Employees in high-trust organizations are more productive, more energetic, more collaborative, stay with their employers longer, and take ownership of their work and the outcomes of the company as a whole. This course explores the tools and confidence necessary to trust in your team and in your ability to hire world-class employees.


Remote Leadership: Culture

One business buzzword heard almost every day is ‘culture’ – organizations with a ‘strong,’ ‘innovative’ or even a ‘toxic’ culture. Because culture is – surprisingly – a learned behavior, not a by-product of operations. It’s not an overlay. So leaders create culture by the actions they take; not the other way around. This course will explore how to develop a remote culture.


The most successful remote leaders aren’t those who micromanage, and they’re not the ones who shoulder the weight of everything themselves. There is a better way. And this course is it. In it, you’ll learn to be passionate about everyone owning and forging their own paths, careers, and professional development, putting each of your valued employees and contractors in the driver's seat to cultivate the balance of work and life that best suits them. This course will help leaders grow, equip, and empower themselves and their teams – all while successfully leading remotely.

Tricia Sciortino, CEO BELAY

What is the Remote Leadership Master Class?

What exactly is the Remote Leadership Master Class?

The Remote Leadership Master Class is a four-lecture online course with over 45 videos and 50 downloads and resources all packed with real-world, immediately actionable information to maximize the potential of your remote leadership and workforce.

And since it’s all digital, your professional development is accessible at any time from anywhere.

Who is this course meant for?

Anyone who leads remotely! The Remote Leadership Master Class is for anyone who wants to lead stronger, more efficient and happier remote teams.

Is this course on-demand?

It is! Being completely digital, you can watch it any time on any device – so you can learn and evolve as a remote leader on your schedule, when it best suits you.

How do I access my courses?

When you purchase the course, you’ll create a user name and password for Hang onto your login credentials and use them any time to access the password-protected course at

Can I share my purchase to someone else?

While we firmly believe that sharing is caring, unfortunately, in this case, course access is for the purchaser only. If you want to buy it as a gift, contact our support team directly at and we can help.

These FAQs are great, but didn’t exactly answer my question. Now what?

We love an inquisitive mind! Sounds like you’re perfect for this course! So if you didn’t see your question on this list, we’re here to help. Just send us a note at

Meet Your Instructors


Kyler joined the BELAY Client Relations team with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a background in relationship management – so she has perfectly leveraged her passion for vetting talent and critical thinking by providing creative solutions to help our clients and contractors climb higher as effective leaders. She loves Southern food, Southern hospitality, warm weather, and the Atlanta city life. And if you’re lucky enough, you may even catch her belting out some Whitney Houston – and consider yourself lucky if you do.


Tim serves as a Client Success Consultant at BELAY and has been in the Hospitality, Food and Beverage, and Entertainment industries for over 30 years. That said, Tim has ample experience in customer service – always ready to go above and beyond – and has a knack for making people feel comfortable, happy, and relaxed. Tim has climbed the Great Wall of China, swam with and fed black-tipped sharks in Bora Bora, sky-dived, bungee-jumped, crossed the equator four times and – most notably – is a husband and father of three.


Laura has served the BELAY team for seven years, starting as a Client Success Consultant (CSC) and now managing a team of CSCs. She graduated from Liberty University, where she majored in Communications, and before coming to BELAY, she worked in the recruiting world for seven years. Laura loves investing in people, raising up leaders, and seeing our team live out our mission by deeply impacting the lives of the leaders and contractors we serve. She and her husband love serving their church where he is a pastor, riding their motorcycle and boating.


Holiday serves as a Client Success Consultant at BELAY and prides herself on being a joyful encourager and professional people-connector with a passion for inspiring and encouraging others to embrace their God-given talents. Simply put: She’s a hard-core people person. Holiday is a nationally published author and has appeared on the Steve Harvey Show. So yeah, she’s a kinda big deal – but she’d never say that. Also known for her contagious laugh, Holiday lives in Atlanta with her family and is happiest in jeans and flip-flops with her arms and heart wide open, enjoying what she loves most: her family, children and friends, Jesus, pizza, and all bright colors, but especially pink.

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